How do you get to use the nodes? It's not letting me have access to them.

I’ve just started using Unreal Engine and I came across this.

Please help.

On the small pin, the thing pointing to the right on the BeginPlay node, click and drag to the right which will open a window of possible nodes to connect. Select Print String in that list. When you press play to run your game, it will print Hello for 2 seconds. Then press Escape to kill your game session.

Hello is the default message in Print String.

The numerous tutorials out there will tell you what to connect in far more useful ways than just printing a message, but you will have run your first game to do this.

There is nothing hooked up to them, so they are greyed out meaning they don’t ‘run’ or execute.

The white triangle-thingie on each of the nodes is called the execution pin. Click and drag out from that pin and release to get a context menu to appear. From there you can drill down into whatever categories you need, you can also use the search field on the top:

As you connect nodes, you will see that white line going from one execution-pin to the next node, etc. That’s the flow of your logic, it starts at the left, goes along to the right. You can also include branching and loops in all this.

I highly suggest you take the extra few seconds to lay out your nodes in a line-like, or at least well-organized manner, put comments into them too. You can swipe a box around multiple nodes to select them all and then hit ‘C’ to make a comment-box around all of them. This WILL save you time when you have to come back and edit something.

Good luck.

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