How do you get reference to an Animation Notify in a character blueprint?

Hey can someone help me please:

I am trying to get an enemy to apply damage to my character at a certain point in the animation loop (for example when his arms are fully
extended). (Instead of damage from enemy overlapping character)

The question:
How can I call upon this anim notify within the enemy blueprint(so that I can make a custom event{meleedamage})? Or if its not possible, how could I get this achieved?

I could be wrong but I believe that you should use an event anim notify in the animBP to call a function or custom event on your character.

Rhynedahll, thanks - that worked!

You Understood What He Said? How lol

anim notifies are generally only readable from the anim bp so have the anim-notify fire an event in the anim-bp which then just calls another event but in the char-bp; 2-step it.

Im Too New To Understand lol, But If You Wanna Help Do You Know Why UE 5 Is Not Building For Android? It Gives SDK Error, But My Sdk Works Fine On 4.26, Thanks!