How do you get it to work....

I’ve opened the editor for Mars 2030 and it all seems to load fine. All the assets have been discovered and appear in the library. However, none of the map files appear to have any content, or at least content I can see in the viewport. I have opened them all up and they’re just black. I see that some of them are sequencer/matinee controlled. I have tried scrubbing through but nothing is displayed.

Is there a specific map that works for viewing the project in the editor window? Have we got to create our own map with terrian each time we wish to have the environment visible to explore and understand?

There was a lot of specific help in the Developers Guide but nothing that actually tells you how to get started. I am keen to get to grips with this project but nothing appears to display. The game just hangs if you try to play/simulate any of the maps.

I appreciate it’s a complex game but I doubt it’s my machine. I have an i9-7900X @ 4.6GHz, 32GB RAM and a GTX 1080 (latest drivers).

Can anyone suggest a way I can get started with exploring the game content?

Load up the levels tab and hit Load All

Thanks for the reply… how long should it take? I’ve been waiting 15 minutes and the editor is still not responsive. I can see my CPU is very busy. Is it normal to have to wait this long? I’m going to quit now as I’m bored of looking at my CPU monitor :slight_smile:

Im wondering too, just having had time, and the ssd space to even consider it- but ya , this. I waited 15min, still black screen, HIGH cpu and memory which I would expect, but seems excessive given this limits the incredible package to too few eyes- shame.

A year old I know but I really wanted to try this-- what are minimum specs therefore ?

I suspect you need the SLICE the 40 Kilometers of GEO Data Landscape into, say, 20 two-Kilometer segments, then make Overlapping Level Streaming Volumes for each. (The you are loading just the world around you not the world 37 Kilometers away!! ) Something like that…, I wish they were hiring, Now after a year plus in lockdown I am EXPERT at Unreal engine!!