How do you get an event in your Game mode, to trigger an event in an Actor?

You need a refference to your Actor. You can set it in your Widget or GameMode. Create a Variable of BP_Launcher inside your Widget or GameMode. On Begin Play of your Actor get the Widget/GM and set it (input self refference).

In your GM you can use this Variable directly. If you pass it to the Widget you have to add a Input of BP_Launcher to your GM Events.

Video recommandation for BP Communication: Blueprint Communications | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Alternativly use dispatchers covered in the recommanded Video.

Watched the video yesterday when you posted the link, re-watched the part about event dispatchers and I have it working! One question, I often hear you, or the guy in the video talk about needing to reference something, but what exactly does that mean? I guess I’m just curious what it is about the first Blue Print in my post that works, and appears to properly reference the Game Mode blue print, but the Game Mode blue print not being able to reference the Actor Blueprint.

Hoping some heroic soul out there can help me.

A Refference is a specific Instance of a Object in your Game. You cant just say EnemyClass->DoSomething because you can have hundrets of Enemys in your Level. You have to refer to a individual Instance. So you store it somewhere, get it from somewhere or pass it along as parameter to use somewhere else.

Once you have a refference you can communicate with it or directly change it. The refference variable itself if created inside a BP is just a placeholder and is Empty by default until you set it to point to a specific Object. If you got something like CurrentTarget you obviously want to set it what you currently Aim at so it does not have to point to the same instance all the time =)

Thats about it.