how do you get a variable from a blueprint's parent when interacting with the child?

hi, i am trying to figure out the correct way to have a global parent blueprint for enemies that i can then make child enemy blueprints based on, and when my character interacts with the child enemies, get variables from the parent, regardless of what particular enemy it is. i tried to cast to the enemy parent when my character collides with a child enemy, as seen below, but that failed.

i know i could do this by casting to every possible enemy type, but that is dumb. also, the parent is just an actor blueprint, and the child is a blueprint i made from the parent. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

check the box inherited variables to see your parent’s variables, down the variable list. If you want them from a cast, you have them on typing them as others.

In your situation you maybe fail because you use a controller instead of a character blueprint which would be your enemy_master. You can check the actor type by using a print string for example to see what the other actor is. Then see if you are casting to the right actor. (Casting to parent works perfect for children)

what box ? where ?

The pretty well hidden box.

Thanks a lot, big help!