How do you fix origin point of mesh to move and rotate easier?

So I downloaded a asset from cgtrader and the mesh is acting up. Its very difficult to adjust anything with these settings. (picture below) the origin point if offset making it difficult to move and rotate the object properly.


Is there any way to fix the origin point to a location I choose within the editor itself ?

Edit the mesh in a 3d application in a way that the pivot point is where you want it to be.

In Maya for example, the pivot point will be 0,0,0 regardless of where the mesh is in the scene.

there is a way to modify origins in engine but it may just be for use in editor, im not entirely sure since i dont use it. the proper way to fix this would be to modify it in a 3d modeling program such as blender or max. a third option to try is: if your building this in a blueprint you could make the turret a child of a scene component then instead of rotating the turret you rotate the scene component. since the turret is a child of the scene component then it will move too and on the axis of the scene component basically using the scene component as the new origin.