How do you fix lagging video from Unreal Virtual Camera on Unremote app?

I’m having issues with the livelink output to my iOS device (either iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro). I set up a virtual camera, connect my iOS device via Unremote app, which then controls the virtual camera and displays what that camera sees on my iOS device.

HOWEVER, and this is a big deal, the video output onto the Unremote app on my iOS device is so laggy that I can’t really “shoot” anything. The take has a lot of dropped frames and weird jumps.

Is it a wifi connection issue? A PC or iOS hardware issue?

I’m running an HP Z440 workstation with an Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 3.60 GHz 6-cores , 64GB RAM DDR4, and Nvidia Quadro m4000 GPU. Router is Netgear R7000.

Thanks in advance.