How do you fix Blueprints remembering deleted properties when cooking?

I am getting warnings in my cook because some BPs seem to have remembered deleted properties.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a FText property to a cpp class inherited by a blueprint.
  2. Set this property to a value in a string table
  3. Delete the property in the CPP
  4. Delete the value from the string table that was referenced in step 2
  5. Cook

The cook shows a warning that the value in the string table is missing, even though the property has been deleted and no longer exists in the BP.

The warning does not say what BP caused problem either, which can make it very difficult to fix.

Currently the only method I’ve found is to add the property back to the BP. You can then clear its value in the editor, and then delete it. But this only works if you remember which BP had the property, and the exact name you had for that property. If you’ve fogotten either of these things, it becomes incredibly difficult to get rid of the cook warning.

Is there a better way to solve this? Is there any way I can tell my BP to delete any properties that don’t exist in the CPP so it doesn’t remember them? Or failing that, is there any reliable way I can find the specific BP and property name that is causing the warning to show?

Delete the Binaries folder in your project and rebuild from source to regenerate the binaries. It might help.