How do you export and import a class blueprint?

Is it possible to export a class blueprint from one game project and import it into another game project?

I have a class blueprint consisting of two components: a static mesh and a spotlight. If I try to simply copy the .uasset file into another game project, the spotlight is present but the static mesh is missing.

Is there a way to export a class blueprint so that all associated components are saved or do you have to copy each of the blueprint components manually?


Take a look at the wiki here on how to: Migrate Assets.

All associated components of your Blueprint will be migrated to your new project. :slight_smile:


The Migrate Assets documentation does not work when you have blueprints with C++ parents. The migrated blueprints cannot be opened in the new project even if the new project has the exact same C++ code.

Export/import to some kind of text format would fix this issue.