How do you export a mesh and lod from uasset?

hi! i want to edit some assets i got from store, but i cant export LOD. how can i do that?


Export as fbx by right clicking on the asset in content browser, selecting asset actions, export

Hello PiroKun,

I believe this thread would interest you. It involves a command line to be passed to your mesh so you can export LODs.


Correct, but he is looking for a way to export with LOD’s that he can manipulate in an external software.

I currently have a feature request issued for this. It piggybacks on the issue of only being able to export LOD0 when exporting an FBX.

The ticket number I UD-21862.

Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating options. I do not have ETA for when this will be fixed.

hi!, I had found that post yesterday. I tried with some cliff uasset from kite demo and shows me the following error.

E:\Mis Documentos\Documentos\Unreal Projects\FirstTest\Content\KiteDemo>umodel.exe -export -game=ue4.8 SM_Cliff01.uasset
Found 273 game files (4 skipped)
******** SM_Cliff01.uasset ********
*** ERROR: Serialized FString is not null-terminated
FString<< <- SerializePackageFileSummary4 <- FPackageFileSummary<<:Ver=434/0 <-
UnPackage::UnPackage:SM_Cliff01.uasset, ver=451/0, game=10009 <- UnPackage::Load
Package:SM_Cliff01.uasset <- Main:umodel_version=413

i know this is an external software, but maybe you know what to do.