How Do You Enable Nanite in a Project?

How do you enable Nanite in a converted project?

Article written by Joe R.

If you’re converting a project from an Unreal Engine version prior to Unreal Engine 5.0, and Nanite does not seem to be enabled, check that the following settings are enabled.

Hardware Settings

DirectX 12 (DX12) support is enabled in the project and on the GPU hardware you are using. You can see if DX12 is enabled by hovering over the project name in the top right of your editor window. Nanite uses Shader Model 6 (SM6), which uses DX12.


If DirectX 12 is not enabled, you can set the Graphics RHI in Project Settings > Platforms > Platforms - Windows. Be sure that the Default RHI is set to DirectX 12.

Mesh Settings

Additionally, static meshes can have nanite enabled on them individually. You can enable Nanite on a mesh one of two ways: either with the Content Browser, or through the Static Mesh Editor.

Content Browser

To enable Nanite on a mesh in the Content Browser, simply right click on a Static Mesh, then select Nanite at the top of the menu that pops up. Select Enable (or Disable if you want to turn it off). The engine will pause while it converts the mesh to a Nanite supported Mesh.

Static Mesh Editor

If you open a mesh in the Static Mesh Editor, you can change the Nanite settings in the Details Panel. On the right of the editor, go to the Nanite Section and check the box next to “Enable Nanite Support.” If it is checked, Nanite is supported for that mesh. If it is not checked, then it is not supported. You can also adjust additional Nanite settings in the Static Mesh Editor that you could not adjust from the Content Browser menu mentioned above.

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I have converted project from UE4 to UE5 and enabled DX12 and Nanite on meshes.
The issues is, that my textures are not displayed on Nanite meshes, but when I disable Nanite Support (or preview the fallback mesh) I can see it textured.

Do you know how to fix this issue? Thanks!

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I have the same issue? do you manage to solve it?

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did you find a solution ?