How do you enable Material Instance parameter by default

For example i have a Param Tex Object in my Material it shows up in my Material Instance just fine. However, it is not checked by default. How do I get the Param Text Object to be enabled by default in any MI that inherits that Material?

The material instance parameter not being checked means that it has the same value as the original material, the default value, you only check the box of the parameter when you change the parameter, being unchecked doesnt mean it disabled, just means that is using the default value, i dont know if it can be checked by default.

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That does not seem to be the case. The first picture shows how the grass is when the 3 Param Tex Object are disabled which is the default. The second picture shows when I enable those parameters and the grass then works as expected. The third picture are 2 of the param tex objects in my material.