How do you effectively build stationary lights so as to not cause problems with Skeletal Meshes?

Don’t know why but when I build lights all stationary lights start to behave strangely. I recorded a video of problem…

Any idea of what’s going on?


I have noticed this as well in Shooter demo (on arms/weapon).

It’s annoying me… if I decrease Attenuation Radius (scaling it down) problem disappears, but scene stays in dark. ¬¬

Hey fireapache,

Stationary lighting has a few different elements to consider when placing it in your map. How many static lights do you have overlapping in your map? problem may be arising from that, as described here:

Hope that helps!

I appreciate answer but problem isn’t light overlapping (images below). light interaction stops when movable object are under light and cast dynamic shadows is marked (video below). problem happens with all stationary lights in scene!



I think this issue might be related to light culling. I’m still very new with UE4 so I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed with tweaks or not but you might want to try using a precomputed visibility volume and also a lightmass importance volume and then bake to see if this solves your issue.

Thanks, I’m starting too. Nope… I had a Lightmass Importance volume in my scene, but even with a Precomputed Visibility volume in place problem still same.

Video: - YouTube

When you build lighting, dynamic objects switch over to per-object shadows from stationary lights. These per-object shadows use bounding box of each object to orient shadow map. From your video (which is great at showing problem btw) it looks like your mesh doesn’t have valid bounds. For skeletal meshes you have to make a physics asset to get good bounds at runtime. You can use ‘show bounds’ to see bounds of everything in your scene. Hide everything except skeletal mesh to make it more clear. I expect you will see very large and rapidly changing bounds for skeletal mesh.

It’s solved, thank you very much !

Video: UE4: Stationary Light Problem Solved - YouTube

I just want to mention, that sometimes a mesh may appear completely black until you add a Sky Light to the map. I had a skeletal mesh that was having this issue even though its bounds were fine etc. etc. Dropping in the Sky Light fixed the issue.