How do you edit the controls on the third person template?

I’ve looked around and I have no idea how I add additional controls to the third person template. I really would like to add a sprint button, but I don’t know where to look or what to do. I’ve tried looking at the MyCharacter blueprint, but it’s not making much sense to me. Can anyone help?

i’m learning the system too, but based on what i’ve learned so far, here’s an approach:
for a sprint button, you would want to edit your input and add then desired key or button modifier that will activate the sprint. then, in your player controller blueprint add the event for the new sprint input key. when the key is pressed, you will want to modify your player movement speed (this is often with an input axis scale float) by multiplying by a sprint speed variable. when it’s released, you’ll want to revert back to your original movement speed.

The First Person Template has a sprint ability, probably a good place to start.

I looked at the blueprints and input settings and I see nothing that resembles what I’m looking for. Perhaps you could specify where?

I interpreted what he suggested as you look at the generated code from the first person template and see if there’s something there close to what you are looking for. I would look in the <projectName>Character.h/cpp files.

Go to Edit->Project Settings->Input to create new axes and actions. You can bind direct to keys/sticks/mouse as well if you want!

On your character blueprint add in your controls that you want to control the sprint, I have it mapped to the right trigger on the game controller and the left shift button. Then add in a get character movement variable. From the get character movement variable add in a set max walk speed character variable and copy it so you have 2 of them. Set you max walk speed for both and then attach your triggers for the speed to adjust based on the buttons being pressed or released.


I’m having this issue as well with just the 3rd person controller. When using Get character movement then trying to set the MaxWalkSpeed it doesn’t show up as if it is hidden. It works fine in the 1st person controller blueprint. Anyone got access to the MaxWalkSpeed for the 3rd person controller blueprint?