How do you disable an object in the scene?

I have a blueprint scene object that affects other actors in the scene and I’d like to temporarily disable it. Disabling the renderer obviously doesn’t do anything since it’s not rendering anything- and I’d rather not “break” the blueprint or delete the object from the scene because A) other people are using this blueprint in other levels, and B) it has a lot of references I don’t want to have to go hook back up when I’m done testing things.

I’m coming from unity, so I’m essentially looking for the “disable gameobject” checkbox. Any ideas?



looking for the same thing … hope this comment revives the post

in the properties of any object you will have a macro activate/deactivate , or you can do this on the constructor , take the object get set active node and select disable or something like.

in C++ setactive true/false on the object

hope it helps


if you don’t want to mess with the object if it has code or stuff on it that may break other things, just move it to some position out of the way. behind a wall or something