How do you determine sections for config files using unreal engine docs information?

Hey I play around with a lot variables. Currently I’m trying to disable force feedback but I have no idea what the section is named. To me it seems like very basic information you would want to know and that it should be on every page, but it isn’t.

From this page:

I have information:
Inheritance Hierarchy

What’s the section name though? I want to change “bForceFeedbackEnabled” from 1 to 0. To do this I should obviously put it in engine.ini as it’s within the engine module. BUT WHAT SECTION!@>?!?@!@?

I would not only like the information of what the section name is for this command but I would also like to be taught how to determine section names.

To be more clear everything within brackets is a [section].

That page is a list of variables of APlayerController, they are not all config options. You need to set bForceFeedbackEnabled via code / blueprint

You can work out where config should go by looking at the source.

    UCLASS(config=Game, defaultconfig)
    class UNREALED_API UProjectPackagingSettings
/** The build configuration for which the project is packaged. */
	UPROPERTY(config, EditAnywhere, Category=Project)
	TEnumAsByte<EProjectPackagingBuildConfigurations> BuildConfiguration;

The config=Game in UCLASS means that this should be put into *Game.ini files.
The config in UPROPERTY means that this property can be set via config.

for this example, inside DefaultGame.ini we can write:

Generally the section is [/Script/<ModuleName>.<ClassName>], but they can be overridden.