How do you determine impulse values based on the players jump height?

In component begin overlap I am setting my overlap location and in another blueprint section I am assigning my actor colors based off of the location of my click (those are a bit irrelevant for this issue though).

Once my player lands on the blue gel, they are supposed to be bounced in the opposite direction of the hit location.
Below is how I’m handling what happens once the player interacts with the blue gel. While the bounciness works, it is CONSTANT regardless of the player’s height. I need the player’s momentum to be conserved and the higher they jump from, the more impulse is added in the opposite direction.

This is a video of what I need to accomplish: [SEE HERE][2]
And the following are videos of what I am currently accomplishing: [Example 1][3] and [Example 2][4].

p.s. I am also making a material that can be destroyed based off of the amount of force the player exerts on overlap (can be hit as well). Figuring out my movement and variables for this blue gel would be the first step in figuring out my second mechanic.