How do you detect the player's GPU, CPU and memory and display that in a menu widget?

I’m working on the user interface for my game and would like to show how much percentage or amount of GPU, CPU and memory is used for certain settings.
For example, by reducing texture quality, both the GPU and memory load change, and it would be great to have that show up as the player changes settings. Either as a percentage of the total amount available, or even a percentage of what is currently available.
Changing the game settings from easy to normal to hard would for example result in the number of enemy AI per round, meaning that the CPU load will change as well.
How would you go about detecting these numbers, calculate it and finally display it inside the main menu HUD?

That would be interesting. A kin to the rpm gunge in a car. I have no idea how to but I’m terrible with UE4 so, but it could probably be done. Something like that might need actual programming if its a proprietary thing.

(Sort of unrelated but in regards to the car analogy) You would have to clode C++ system dependant functionality to read and return the GPU temp / cpu Temp.

Seems to me that what OP wants is an Epic version of the Rage Engine graphics setting features.

It is possible to do but it should probably be based on benchmarks rather then actual data.
For example you know each AI costs 10 units, if you add 1000 ai you get a cost of 10x1000 units.

I guess you could still pull the engine source and write cpp functions to return the stat gpu results to variables off of it… wonder if anyone has done this already…