How do you destroy a child component in a pawn class BP?

I cant find any node which can do the job without editor errors.

No matter from which BP I call it from.


If I use a destroy component node the freaking objects rotates around itself or something or it flips.
Still there afterwards not destroyed.
I must be stupid or something to not understand that a destroy node flips an object.

I can destroy the root component which nukes the entire pawn class BP so the work around is to just set the visibility to zero for that one component until it is time to nuke the whole thing. But I would really like to know if a child component can be destroyed or not because it doesn’t look like it.

[FONT=Noto Sans]So the workaround is just to set the visibility of the child component to zero until entire Pawn class BP is destroyed. So its fine:
That is to make those “guides” go away as soon as data node is grabbed by claw.