How do you create your game event-timeline

Hey, so I am a beginner with UE4 and with creating games, I am pretty good with C++.

I was wondering how do you create a timeline for your events with UE4.
Here is what I mean:

If we take a random game as an example, let’s take MGS2 (not that random lol), you have different game states:

  • when you play a level
  • cutscenes
  • codec things
  • boss levels
  • menu

My question is, how, in UE4 (and in general), do you create something (and what is that something) that will tell: “Now you play this cutscene”, “if that then you load this level” “now you load this boss”.

Is that something you do in your GameMode class ?

As you can see I am really lost on this point. Thanks for helping me

One phrase: trigger conditions.

Enter a trigger box(which is a collision box set to trigger), and start the cinematic you created before hand.
You can either:

  1. play a video (FMV) which is outdated by now.
  2. Use UE4’s sequence, which has you manually controller “camera” rigs and tracks to create your cutscene.
  3. Trigger NPCs to take a la Half-Life, which is the cheapest option. lol

Here’s a link