How do you create working UI's and/or HUD's?

What resources are available that cover how to create UI’s and HUD’s for/with EU4 from start to finish?
-I’m specifically looking for video tutorials, but anything would be appreciated as long as it covers the creation
of a start menu and pause menu. -Just to clarify, I know how to make an interactive menu with Flash or
HTML. -I just don’t know how to get menus to “communicate with UE4” (ie. Load map, pause game, exit game.)
-if it can be done with Canvas and/or Slate without third party software, that would be ideal.

For examples you could go look at the “Content Examples” included with UE4, and open the maps that show you examples for how to set it up in Blueprints or you could look at what Shooter Game is doing with it in C++. If you go to and search it’ll search, the forums, wiki, documentation, and answerhub to help you find the information you need.

Thanks for the reply. Searching the link you’ve provided has pointed to some useful information (for anyone with the same problem that lands here first) but even there, it seems a lot of people are having the same problem. -I haven’t tried ALL your suggestions yet, though. If one resolves the issue I’ll post an update here. -Thanks again.

There are a couple of videos on YouTube that break apart the HUD example but nothing that starts us from scratch on how to build one - I really hope someone creates on soon because you can’t have a game without some basic menu and I’m not good at tearing apart the examples and figuring out how they are made yet

Hi DarkCloud9,

This is a duplicate question, please take a look at the answers on the below link.

Thanks, TJ