How do you create tools or weapons in the dev kit?

I’ve watched the dev kit tutorial videos, but that didn’t really help. can anyone help me find a solution to this. Sorry if this sounds noobish, it’s just that the dev kit is a little different from the normal ue4.

Easiest way is to search the GAME folder for whatever weapon or tool is similar to what you want to make, then copy over the primalweapon, engram, and mesh files… then edit from what exists. That way you see exactly how the existing ones work and what can change. I’m not certain whether childing would be better, but I tend to childinstead of copy in case they make unannounced changes to the implimentation as they have before.

how would you child, lets say a spear? just migrate the folder? and where would you migrate the folder to, like where in ProgramFiles, or ProgramFiles(x86)?

Always copy everything to your mod folder, which should be immediately within the Mod folder in the DevKit. If you put your assets anywhere else, they won’t get cooked with your mod. Here’s the link to the post that got me started: HOWTO: Add new structure variants - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums

It specifically walks you through building a new standing torch, but go through the process step by step and once you got it down well enough that your torch works, then branch out and try stuff like your spear project. Or like the project I’m working on right now, a racing event mod; I just finished combining the functionality of a shield with the meshes of the basic flag so now I’ve got a cool checkered flag players can carry around in their shield arm and wave around at the racing events!

It takes a while to wrap your head around how UE4 does things, I’m certainly a noob still compared to these pros here, but keep at it and you’ll get it!