How do you create clothing simulations for clothes?

This is a bit of an all rounded question. While creating a character using Maya, Zbrush and Marvellous Designer, I thought there would be more in the way of resources on how to create clothing that simulates realistically with the character movement and is not done within animation. I had seen a conference from some of the art team from naughty dog talking about making the clothing in uncharted 4 dynamic. This is something you can see in a lot of triple A titles recently so I’m sure there is a way of doing this within UE4. Any ideas of the best way to go about doing this sort of simulation and having it run realtime in game? I’ve heard talk of rigging splines throughout the character mesh that drive the simulations but also there is a few videos that show Maya’s Ncloth tool. A lot of options I guess. Any and all suggestions and responses would be awesome!