How do you create animated first person hand controllers?

Popular games such as Bioshock, Resident Evil 7, and many others have used this to create some pretty cool effects with hands when you play the game. Whether it was interacting with an npc, picking up a weapon, or interacting with an object.

I was wondering how you can do this, I am guessing it requires a 3d modeling software like blender to rig but not sure how you would implement that as a blueprint.

Was also wondering if there is already an asset on the marketplace for this.

Image examples:

You could certainly use blender to accomplish everything in the animation pipeline, from modeling → rigging → animation.

Once the animations are created, you can import them into UE4 and create an animation blueprint and very easily setup animation states where the animBP basically waits for inputs to play certain animations.

For example(I’ll use bioshock), you could tell the state that once two booleans “hasBeesEquipped” and “PressedFireButton” are true → play bees animation.