How do you create and later import a content package?

Hi there
I’m doing a lot of repetitive projects in which I often use the same meshes and materials. It’s always a pain to reimport everything and build the materials and apply them from scratch. I was wondering if there was a way where I could save all the materials and meshes into a sort of content package which I will be later able to load into a new project. I know that it can be done Unity but I haven’t found the way to it Unreal.
help me, internet!

A simple way to do this would be with the migrate function. Open the project you want to migrate from, right click on the folder or asset and click migrate it will grab all dependencies and if you navigate to a content folder of another project during the migrate you can easily have it all there.

Alternatively you could migrate it to a place on your computer and store it there and place it manually in any content folder you want later. (You will get a warning when you migrate it out to a non game folder but there won’t be any problems).

Hopefully that is the kind of thing you are looking for, there might be a more elegant solution out there someone knows but it works pretty well for me.