How do you create a smooth transition between two animation for a idle state

I have a skeletal mesh that need more than one animation sequence for a idle state. Its a wolf that is standing still and sometime sniff the ground. I can’t use a animation composite because the two animations doesn’t blend together, there is a popping when the animation change. I tried the animation blendspace1D which create a smooth transition between the two state but I don’t know how to access the value in my scene.

Its only for a cutscene using matinee, the camera goes through a forest and you can see that wolf in the corner of the screen. I don’t think I need any kind of trigger, if I could just put the animation sequence directly into the scene it would be ok.

You might be able to use the BlendSettings of a Transition Rule in your state machine to achieve that temporal blend.


i´m sure this is the right answer, but im unable to find this setting under transition rule, might it change to another place in newest versions? can you please specify how did you got that place?.. I saw this setting long time ago and now i´m not able to find it.

nevermind… I did a “Windows/Reset layout” and now I can see it on the details section…