How do you create a second sun?

Hey forum,

I’ve been messing about a bit inside the Skysphere blueprint that comes with Unreal natively trying to add an additional sun, clumsily copy-pasting already existing data and with an attempted shifting of the sun’s position by means of a 3Vector, adding dot products and ‘Adds’ where I thought necessary.

Needless to say, it didn’t really work. I got a ‘rim’ to show up instead of a circle in the sky at some point, which was interesting, but not the desired effect.

So I thought I might as well ask around to see if anyone had any tips regarding the creation of multiple bodies within the sky. It would also be interesting to learn seeing as I’ll want to add moons to the sky at some point as well (but those will be added with ‘fading-over-time’ texture images, is my thinking).

If you can’t help me, but do know something about how the current Skybox blueprint works, I’d be keen to find out too, as right now, I’m trying to make sense of it all, but in the end, it’s mostly a big jumble of multiplications I don’t quite grasp (you may come with complex vector theory, that’s cool - I’ve had Calculus :wink: ).

Thank you,

I was wondering what the first sun’s ‘scripting’ is based on. How does the circle mask and colour ‘fill’ interaction know where to draw the already present sun? It’s a product of what’s called ‘camera vector’ (I believe) and a vector describing where it should be in the sky at that point in time. Can I shift it laterally along that vector? Like can I shift it over by a few pixels? If so, then I know where to place my second sun and it only becomes a matter of how.


I have also been looking into the Blueprint of the Skysphere to add a moon at night (with a dimmed Directional Light). Unfortunately the script was too mind blowing for my level of knowledge, but I will continue fool around with it. When I make any progression, I will reply here again :slight_smile:

So probably you’ve had just as much luck with this as I’ve had, huh?

Have either of you guys checked out the Solus videos? He briefly describes how he adds additional celestial bodies in orbit around the level, at the very least it’s a really interesting set of videos:

PS: Make sure to watch all of them :smiley: