How do you create a realistic first person camera?

Hello all! I hail from the land of Unity and C# so I’m new here. Been mucking around with UE4 as an engine for a couple months now and some buddies and I have decided to commit to a project that we can chisel away at over the coming year(s).

Now here comes my question. After extensive Google-fu and plenty of youtube searching, I can not find any guides or references for the look we want for the first person camera in this game. I’ve managed to find an example, so I know it’s possible.

Is there anyone that has resources for me? Maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong things, and I appreciate any assistance, ideas or otherwise.

Thank you :slight_smile:

For doing the basic camera pov you could follow this tutorial. In terms of leans you could make animations for that or use the animation blueprint to rotate the pelvis bone to the side. The aim down sights can be done with a socket in the weapon and you do a interpolation between the players camera and that socket.