How Do You Create a Pipe in UE4

I’m creating a game that involves a sewer pipe system that players can walk in. The only problem is, I have no idea how to make a pipe like shape of some sort. I feel like this question as been asked, but I couldn’t find it after a few hours of looking into this.

You don’t create 3d models in UE4
Its a game engine not a modelling program.
You need to make that kind of stuff in 3dsmax/maya,Zbrush, MODO or blender

That’s sort of disappointing, but thanks anyway. Your stuff looks good BTW

Thanks It just some old stuff! I am working on by best work right now for UE4.
making the shapes for your tunnel system would actually be very easy even for a beginner, as there are very basic shapes.
you should at least give it a try as blender is free. or try a student version of 3dsmax.