How do you create a new project in Unreal Engine?

I just installed this program, and cannot seem to find some place that I can go to create a new project. I was able to pull up the online instructions for how to do that, but when I go into the Unreal Engine, I cannot seem to find the Project Browser. The instructions say that if I launch Unreal Engine, the Project Browser should just pop right up, but instead, it took me to see all the most recent games that could be played on Unreal Engine. I could find nothing about project creation. I could not find the New Project Categories in order to create a project, because I assumed that once you had the Project Browser up, you could go into the New Project Categories and pick from one of them to create your project for. Could anyone with experience with Unreal please help me? I’ve tried everything I could think of to start out on this, and have had no success. Thank you so very much!!! :blush: :heart: :heart: :heart:

In the upper right hand corner of the launcher there is a big yellow button that sais “Launch”. You should be able to launch the engine from there.

There’s different areas in the launcher , if you go to your library , than whichever engine version you have downloaded , you should see it there , and have a “launch” button by it . Once you launch that engine version , then the catagories tiles list will come up in which you can choose what kind of project you want to create . Or that yellow launch button Alienheathx mentioned will do the same , but allow you to choose between different engine versions you may have downloaded , from a list.

On the left hand side you are on either Store or Home When you should be on Unreal Engine. Then the Launch button should appear on an engine number that you downloaded.