How do you create a grapple attack?

So I’m working on a brawler right now and so far so good. But I want to have a grapple attack. Been trying to find tutorials for this but all I find are grappling hook and basic melee tutorials. The ten thousand foot view of how this would work is:

Player presses grab input > Player character and enemy both play an animation > Damage is dealt and enemy is tossed.

I’m wondering about the player and enemy both playing an animation but I’m not sure how to handle it.

Sequencer maybe? I could make a sequence that locks player inputs and prevents the enemy from doing anything while the animation plays. The question then becomes how do I dynamically assign a target for the enemy animation and move the two characters together without… I don’t know somehow warping them off somewhere.

Or should I do it purely through code?

Disable the AI and Lock player inputs > Move player to the enemy > Turn enemy to the player > Play animation on both characters > Profit?