How do you create a first person camera that walks from A to B by clicking on a marker at B?

I hope the title isn’t too confusing.

I was looking to achieve something like in Google Cardboard Design Lab’s Immersion level where you are free to look around in a fixed position – until you look at a marker, click on it, and the player moves to that position.

The screenshots shows an example of the marker in the environment:

It’s hard to find a video example of the Design Lab but Hidden Temple - VR Adventure is also another example:

Notice when the player looks at the yellow triangular marker, he walks to the next room.

I am still a beginner at using blueprints in UE4 but would love to get a jump start in creating some immersive projects that are not necessarily for VR (yet) but more to showcase a virtual environment on a PC with mouse input.

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile: