How do you create a downloadable link for people to download and play?

Hello, I just finished a short game loop and I want to share it on the internet for people to play.

I have it packaged as a shipping version already, but i’m not sure how to share the exe files over the net.

How do you go about doing it?


If you are asking how to make an Installer you want an installer creator like inno
How you use it depends on what packaging software you use.

If you are asking how to make a file available for others to download, in general, you need a file hosting service.
You can search for them to find one that fits your needs. Some even offer free hosting if the file is small enough and/or won’t be downloaded beyond a certain total bandwidth.

Edit : If you are just looking for a way to share the .EXE of the game, they can’t use it alone like that.
The executable won’t operate without the other files created by UE4 during packaging.
Basically you need everything in the folder you package to… as well and usually runtimes in addition to that.

Thanks Eslake! I searched for files hosting service and decided to go with and it worked just fine!