How do you create a Circular Minimap for HUD? FPS multiplayer.

Hello all!

I am working on a networked FPS multiplayer game. I need to create a minimap (preferably circular), and I was just wondering if I could get some pointers for the blueprint, and also the logic of grabbing players positions and scaling them to a smaller area. My first solution was to place a camera which sits on top of the player, and then just render that on the HUD. But I want a minimap which shows you ONLY where your teammates are. Not a complete view of the entire map.

My logic is to:

In the Character Blueprint

  • Grab all players positions (how? Perhaps GameState or GameMode?)
  • Check if they are on the “your” team
  • For each player that’s on “your” team, add position to an array instance variable (call it positionArray)

In the HUD Blueprint

  • Get the current character
  • Get the positionArray
  • Scale the world positions from that array, to a smaller 2D area
  • for each scaled position, render it on a minimap