How do you counter gravity with 'Add Force'?

Hi all,

I am building a Rope Swing and using ‘Add Force’ to ensure a player cannot fall further than the rope length.

My issue is that the actor will free fall to the max length of the rope, will slow suddenly and will then slowly fall towards the ground as if the rope were stretching. Ideally the actor should stop at the extremity of the rope length and go no further.

I’ve tried multiplying the Force input vector to add more force to counter the falling but it is quite unstable and makes the actor bounce when it hits the extremity of the rope length.

Here are my blueprints and a .gif of the issue.

On Click Event

Create Line (Web) Trace Part 1

Create Line (Web) Trace Part 2

Event Tick (Rope Physics Logic)

Gif of Issue

If anybody can shed some light on this issue I’d be very grateful!

Many thanks in advance.

I started looking at Lerp to smooth the force and it has improved things slightly…

Blueprint w/ Lerp

Gif of improvement, still not perfect.