How do you coders keep track of what code is where?

I’ve recently been thinking of how great it is that I remember where I place all of my code, but that surely can’t be the case for everyone. Do you coders every write down or keep track of where you put certain functions, or code in general? Do you just remember it all?

i have my own documentation that i write out in notepadd++ of what functions do what when im working on something

but im about to start using doxygen to generate an api. i wonder what epic uses for theirs :confused:

edit found out epic has a modified doxygen, now i gotta try and see if i can get it or make another solution

I probably do something like that. I will end up messing with a function only to realize it was the wrong one and now have to revert it.

Object Oriented Programming.

Umm… Yep

That isn’t a problem for me quite yet, but once I have my 50 functions that all have Inventory in the name, that is going to get messy.

Documentation above all my functions, classes, variables.

One thing I like to do at work is create a chapter for each major element of my code, for example “camera control” or “player movement” which has a high-level description of how it works, and then have a unique code for each referenced function with the corresponding unique code written in the comments within the code.

For example: “The player position is updated in UpdatePlayerPosition (PP1.1) and then the camera is centered on the player location in UpdateCamera (UC1.2)”. The person reading it just does ctrl-shift-F for “PP1.1” and they’re right at the function they want.

This might be overkill for your needs, but I work as a consultant and clients always complain that when the consultants who built the process leave, their in-house guys don’t have the ability to maintain it properly so I always make sure they can.