How do you change the description, author and name of a mod after the initial creation of it?

I vaguely recall Zak mentioning it can be done, but I can’t seem to locate where any given mod’s name, author and description fields are located.

Thanks in advance for any help. As soon as I can do I’ll upload my first mod.

I don’t know about modding… But did you look into project settings panel?!

Hi @ :slight_smile:

Right click on your mods folder in the content browser and choose “open in explorer”. In explorer go up one directory and you’ll see a file called [YourModName].uplugin you can just open it in notepad and edit the settings in it.

Awesome, tmek. Thanks a ton! Couldn’t have been explained any easier.

Editing the contents of the uplugin you specified does allow me to change the Friendly name, author and details of the mod perfectly.

I found out, the hard way, though, that changing the name of the actual uplugin file (in file explorer) made it so the mod could no longer be selected in the mod list in the editor.

Regardless, thanks for the help, tmek!