How do you change the camera on the SpectatorPawn

How do you add a custom camera to a SpectatorPawn and set it as the camera to use?

I tried dragging the spring arm and camera over from the 3rd person character but the Editor crashes when I hit compile.

Create a SpectatorPawn blueprint and then add a camera component to it?

My Editor was crashing when I did that.

I was trying to drag and drop from the 3rd person character onto the components area, without making a new variable of camera component type.

Weird. I just created a SpectatorPawn, opened it, selected and added a new camera component in Components tab. Then set the FOV to 170 to test and it works.

Yes, I discovered the wrong way to do it. Dragging the camera from another character crashed on hitting compile.

Still there seems to be a problem though. I can drag and place a camera and a spring arm component from a BP to the spectator BP and compile without crashing.

I submitted with the crash and described what I was doing.

When I made a new camera component variable it works fine.