How do you change skybox?

Hi there, I’ve bought a skybox set from the marketplace and just wondering how do i swap it out for the ones I’ve bought?

I can’t find any tutorials on this. All the ones I do find are for creating custom Skyboxes but I’m not creating one I just want to put the ones I’ve bought into my scene.

Easist way is to enable the plugin:

Then you can just drag it into the scene and choose you file:

[Is there anyway you can help? This is what I bought but it’s not HDRI so not sure your method will work.](Space Skybox Collection 4 in Materials - UE Marketplace)

In the download I got:

-Material Instances



So I start of like this:

I click BP_Sky_Sphere

wont let me upload any more pictures but i use the BP_Skysphere to try and put those materials in but i cant put those materials anywhere.