How do you change sky colors?

I did some quick searching and I realized that I need to change the sky color to the color that I need for the planet Xade, who has a lilac sky. I’ll also need to change it to other colors when Alex (Alexandria) or Sophie are on other planets.

As I said, I did a quick google search and couldnt find what I wanted so thought id post here.

This feels like one of those questions you’d get on a maths test in highschool where there’s a bunch of unrelated information you have to see through to work out what the real question is lol.

Are you using the default bp_skysphere in your levels? If you you can select it and just scroll down in the details panel and you can manually customize it’s colors (you need to untick automatically set or something I think from memory).

well, I havent actually started building levels from scratch yet, I’m working my way through menu screens and the like, the back end. But it occored to me while testing my pause menu that I needed a different color sky so I thought I would search and askd when I didnt find sasfactory answers. Where do I find the skysphere?

ok, so I believe you meant to say that you are using the default bp_skysphere ^^
so its a very easy to solve problem, just do as ElliotENGI said:

Select the BP_Skysphere in your level. In the details panel you can adjust a bunch of different settings. First of all you will want to uncheck ‘Determine Colors by sun’ or something alike. Then there should be two parameters you can tweak, one for the zenith color and one for the horizon color.

When you don’t have the BP_Skysphere in your level, you can search for it in the content browser but I believe you will have to enable ‘Show engine content’ or something similar before in order to see the relevant folders.


cool! thank you! Now I can make it my color, including stormy if needed :slight_smile:

Edit: But I noticed that the clouds just up and vanished when I do that so I might wind up trying to do simple mesh clouds or finding another qway to change the clouds. Can anyone advise me?