How do you cache chao destruction simulation? (UE 4.26 & 5)

Hi All, I’ve been trying to use Chaos in the in various versions of Unreal, but have been unable to cache any of my simulations. The section appears to be greyed-out.


As I am a complete noob, I suspect I am likely missing a step. Can anyone provide me with some guidance?

Hi Camaroniii, if you are familiar with creating a geometry collection and you have it fractured, you can place your geometry collection in the level, right click it, at the bottom of the sub menu is Cache I think and you can create a chaos cache manager. IT then creates itself in the world, you can find the cache manager and first create the cache object there is some cache object you create in details panel if you click search icon (you need this since it stores your recorded data), then click Record button, make sure you have a way to trigger your geometry collection being fractured so when you play the game, you can have it trigger, then once you played the game with it breaking, you can click play instead of record in chaos cache manager and thats it.

Hi Wompa,

Thank you so much for the insights! Would you be able to elaborate more on how to attached the object to the cache manager?

So far I am able to follow:

  1. Add Mesh into scene
  2. Activate fracture editing
  3. Enable ChaosCaching Plugin in Edit>Plugin
  4. Right-click Scene > Create Cache Manager
  5. ?

I assume I will need to use Blueprints to cast to ChaosCacheManger but do not know how to do this (i.e. what nodes are required).

Thank you for you support!

Right click your geometry collection that you need to put into the world, so in ur editor you should have some geometry collection you created when doin fracture, right click it, and create cache manager at bottom and the cache manager is an object in the world.

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