How do you build from source an official Unreal 5 engine release and have it show up in the Epic Launcher as an installed version?


Is it possible to build the source code of an official release (e.g Unreal 5.0 or 5.1) and have it showing up as an installed version in the Epic Launcher?

Currently whenever I build an official release, it never shows up as an installed version of the engine the Epic launcher. This is very cumbersome, because if I want to install/download Marketplace content or Library content, it says that I have no compatible engine version installed.

What I want to do is: build engine from source (official release), and have the compiled version showing up and being taken into account (installed) in the Epic launcher.

Currently what I have to do is download or install the content for another non-compiled version (e.g 4.27) and then copy it inside my (official release) source compiled UE5 project.


Epic doesnt seem to support this from the launcher. That or I’m(and about a million other people) missing something. Seems you have to redundantly download another 40GB just so that the launcher can register that you have the relevant version for the plugin you want to download.

Hello. I have the same problem. Have you solved it?