How do you blend between different Gun Animations

So I’ve seen the mechanic for blending animations for a walk cycle. This X - Y Grid that allows you to set up walk / run / sprint animations in all directions and use the pointer to blend between all of those smoothly. But that is specifically a Walk Cycle Animation thing. All of the tutorials i’ve looked up always cover the Walk Cycle, but how do you blend multiple animations for the hands and gun? Provided they’re a one mesh. How would you go about doing the same for a gun model animation set?

Weapon on the side Walking,
Weapon on the side Sprinting,
Weapon on the side Shooting,
Weapon on the side Reloading,
Looking down sight Slow Walking,
Looking down sight Fast Walking
Putting the Gun away,
Taking the Gun out

Doesn’t seem like I can use the grid to blend between all these animations.

HI TobiasRipper

To do these actions im pretty sure you would need to create different states in the animation blueprint and use the transitions rule to determine which state should be played, so each different action (reloading, aiming while walking etc) would need to have their own blendspaces.

Firstly, create bools in your character blueprint for the actions you want. Example, if the player has their gun out, set a “WeaponEquipped” (or whatever you wish to call it) boolean to true to use in the animation blueprint, and use this in the event graph of your animation blueprint to get these variables, like so:

Here im getting the varibales from the character blueprint, then dragging off these bools to create a local variable to use in the animation blueprint (i put L_ infront of these so i know which is which)

Then in your graph, make the different states for each action with their own animation or blendstate in each sate, and use the transition rules to decide when each animation should be played

i have only used this breifly and not sure how you would add so many animation, but hopefully this puts you on the right track