How do you attach a matinee animation to a flying pawn or moveable static mesh?

I am using the flying template blueprint to create a top down helicopter game, I have successfully changed the mesh into the helicopter model and the core mechanics need for this to work are working fine.

I am now adding additional elements to the helicopter and this is my problem.
Because you can’t use a skeletal mesh to replace the current flying pawn mesh I have imported the helicopter in separate pieces, there is the body which is the mesh used as the flying pawn, and the propeller/rotor blades as well.

I have animated both blades in a matinee animation and hard attached them to the helicopter body mesh. But when I play the level the animation isn’t working, the blades are attached correctly but not spinning (animating). I have create the blueprint to start the matinee actor and enabled play on level load and looping the properties but it still isn’t working.

Please help

You really shouldnt use Matinee for your pawn like that Matinee is bound to the level it is created in and it should be used for cinematic animations only at this point. You can use a Rotating Movement Component in your flying pawn BP to animate the blades. Matinee