How do you archive unused/obsolete projectfolders?

Hey fellow Dev’s :D, i have a question about archiving UE Projectfolders.

As an artist i experiment and make a lot of small prototype projects. 70% of those Projects dont come to anything. But some i want to keep for future reference or maybe keep a certain idea, that i dont have any use for now.

I dont have that much hdd space to waste and im considering compressing the projectfolders for later use.

I wonder if somebody has experience with archiving projectfolders. Maybe there are some common culprits im overlooking when compressing… or special problems with UE when it comes to that.


There is no problem with zip files, they can even be created from Unreal itself.

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I don’t have a list of things to delete on hand but search for what folders can be deleted from the project folder. It reduces the file size by 90%, if you just do some tests without adding GBs of assets then the project will get under 100Mb.

Unreal will recreate those files when opening the project in the future.

don’t use the zip project from unreal, never trust these backup solutions. just find the list of folders to delete and then pack the entire folder inside a zip archive using your OS tools.

hahaha, I don’t know why you say that.

By the way before the zip option I had a command line.

just search for

unreal zip issue

you get enough horror stories to enjoy