How Do You Approach Creating A 2d Pixel Sprite Character Creator In UE5

What is the best way to approach creating a creator creator for a 2d pixel character where you can change their base skin color, heads, body, legs and accessories. Then create a system so all NPCs randomize these customizations and stats. All this in blueprint code. Is this possible in UE5? Do I approach this similar to a 3d character creator?


Creating a 2D pixel character creator in Unreal Engine 5 using Blueprint code is definitely possible. Here’s one possible approach you can take:

  1. Create a base 2D character sprite that includes the base skin color, head, body, legs, and accessories.
  2. Create separate sprite sheets for each customization option (e.g. different heads, bodies, legs, and accessories) and import them into UE5.
  3. Create Blueprint nodes that allow you to change the base skin color, head, body, legs, and accessories by swapping out the appropriate sprite sheets.
  4. Create a system that randomly assigns different customizations and stats to NPCs.
  5. Create a Blueprint function that takes all customizations and randomize them, set them to the new NPC.

You can use the Blueprint’s built-in “Set Sprite” node to change the sprite of each part of the character and use “Random” node to randomize the customizations and stats.

It’s important to note that this approach is more similar to a 3D character creator in terms of functionality, but the implementation is different as it’s a 2D game.

Keep in mind, this is a high-level overview and there may be additional steps and considerations involved in implementing a 2D pixel character creator in UE5. It’s also a good idea to break down the task into smaller subtasks and test each one before moving on to the next.


Thank you very much! This is a perfect approach to it! So it is like working in layers in a sense but using nodes to set what is visible. So very similar to 3d setup but with the paper 2d style. If I had an idle sprite with let’s say 15 frames of animation. I need to make sure other parts also have 15 frames of animation so they are synced right? I’m shooting for a StarBound type of look. (Minus the arm aiming mechanics)
Yeah I will make sure to break it down piece by piece. Thank you very much. This is a great approach!

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Yeah sort of like that.

Since it is 2D you need to do a lot of manual handwork to animate the movement of various parts.

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Thanks for the help! Yeah I figure there would be a lot of hand work involved but I can do sprite graphics and animations pretty well.

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Best of luck! :slight_smile: