How do you apply a heightmap map through blueprints

Is there a simple method to have a stored list of height maps or materials to use an array or some randomizer to randomly choose one to apply to a sphere that I have made with a begin play event? Or any mesh really. Through blueprints though.

sounds like you already know how to do what you’re trying to do. make a dynamic material instance, apply instance to material, add a ‘set texture parameter value’ node, drag the value of that node to get a texture variable then set it to an array, add textures to the array, ‘get’ a texture from the array using ‘Random Integer in Range’.

also in the material set the height map placeholder texture to a parameter and make the name match with the bp ‘set…param value’ node

I’ve personally only set scalar and vector parameters in blueprints before so maybe i’m missing something.

Why thank you. This helps alot!