How do you Animate Spline Meshes in Squencer?

Is it possible to animate a spline with spline meshes in the sequencer?

I can animate meshes on a spline no problem.

I’ve searched the web and only found a few people asking this question and no one ever leaves an answer.

Is it just not possible since the spline is made in the construction script and then the meshes are set at runtime?

I’m trying to animate some HDMI cables going into a projector. I can add the BP spline actor to a track in the Sequencer but the only things exposed are the sections of meshes between the spline points, not the spline points themselves.

I can’t use a cable actor for obvious reasons, the ends have no rigidity so they drupe down from the plug end.

Can anyone offer a suggestion aor a direction I should look in? There must be a solution for animating cables in the sequencer but I’m just not finding it.

Any help at all would be great, Thanks

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Now it is 12/12/2022 and this problem still has no solution. I think that it should already be included in the list of tasks of the millennium on a par with the Riemann hypothesis.