How do you animate character with root motion on a moving truck ..?

Hi everyone,
Just curious how you would set a character up if its climbing a ladder with root motion but if the ladder is on a moving truck.
Or a fight scene with root motion in the animations lets say on a moving ship or train.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Would you perhaps use attach to actor and use sockets to snap it to the appropriate location?

I tried the actor attach to actor and it certainly attached the character. :slight_smile:

But now it wont walk forward it just stays in one place.

Sockets wont work because I am thinking lots of climbing around like a fight scene on top of a moving train.

I think I need to do a little math and get a forward vector from the moving object … something like that
Then add or subtract to position of moving character … something along those lines.
I think its going to be a little math.
Unless I can say character only follows moving train when root motion - animation is active.