How do you add the nice InstancedStaticMeshComponent?

using CreateDefaultSubobject<UInstancedStaticMeshComponent> adds one, but it’s all weird and non very nice to work with, especially since I can’t figure out how to change the material. Does anyone know how to add the nice looking one that you get when you add one in blueprints?

Set the material on the static mesh…the C++ flow is :

  1. Add the component.
  2. Register the component.
  3. Assign the static mesh (using SetStaticMesh)
  4. Add instances with AddInstance

Is there no other way to do this? I’d much rather just set the material in blueprints than make a copy of the mesh for each child. It seems like a stupid way to do things when you have to ability to set the material in the instance static mesh added in blueprints